About The Project

280 mw Nenskra HPP is being constructed on the river Enguri tributary, in Svaneti. The HPP’s potential capacity will be 1.2 b kwt/h. The plant will start producing electricity starting from 2019.  The Partnership Fund together with the Korean K-Water company is implementing the project with the support of the Georgian government. Salini Impregilo, Italian giant company, which won the international tender, was carrying out the construction works. GCC Georgian Construuction Consortiu together with Salini Impregilo took responsibility for the environmental safety. Georgian Construction Consortium (GCC) was a subcontractor of Salini Impregilo however, Salini Impregilo was replaced by the GCC in 2018. Construction safety examination is carried out by leading European and British engineering companies, including Mott Macdonald, Switzerland and Stuky and Lombardi, Italian engineering companies, which were invited by The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and The European Investment Bank (EIB ). In order to develop the Nenskra HPP project, Korean investors set up Nenskra Hydro, a design company.

Technical Description

Project Mission

Nenskra HPP’s total generation is expected to reach 280 mw, meaning that the country will have guaranteed electricity during the winter time and will have an opportunity to export surplus electricity in summer.

Social initiative

Development of Chuberi Centre and its modernization – improvement of the local infrastructure, schools, administrative facilities as well as rehabilitation of the roads and bridges.